Hi there, my name is Torrie and I'm the creator of TILI Handmade Studio. You'll find me almost always behind a good cup of tea and plopped on the couch re-watching Mamma Mia 2. 
My love for soap making began in 2019, when I moved to Toronto from sunny Scotland. After packing up our bags, and saying farewell to our families, my boyfriend and I moved over here to start our new lives in this super exciting city. Not only were we gifted with new experiences and opportunities, but we were also given the gift of time- and lots of it! After dipping my feet into many, many hobbies last year (pottery, knitting, crocheting, blanket making, candle making to name a few) I discovered the craft of creating useful, natural, environmentally sustainable soap, and I haven't looked back!

Now back to TILI Handmade Studio...

TILI Handmade Studio is a small artisan business dedicated to creating natural and vegan products that leaves very little impact on the environment.

All handmade soaps use plant-based and non-artifical ingredients to nourish and cleanse the users hands, body and face as delicately as possible. Coloured with only natural clays and botanicals, and scented with pure essential oils ensures the product is safe for most skin types, and is also safe for the environment.

Our soaps and body products are made in small batches in Toronto, ON.
We look after your skin and your home. We believe in reducing waste and creating eco-friendly products- which is why we'll never create a product that needs plastic packaging. Our products are always free of toxic and harmful ingredients, parabens, SLS, phthalates and our packaging is recyclable, reusable.